Our Services

Use case: Location Scouting for VFX Virtual Sets.

Our client wanted an example of how our system could be used for virtual set scouting. In the demo you can see that we can put on many different avatars, import environments and virtual objects to previsualize a particular piece of action for a scene. You can also record animation to fbx, export render passes.


Use Case: Motion capture

This video is a demonstration of how we can capture motion and play it back within VR. Resulting motion capture can be exported as .fbx files and brought into your favorite DCC software.

Use Case: Event installments

Our client wanted a novel experience for gathering contact information from potential investors in their company. Prospective investors would play a round of golf. Their information was entered for them, and their score recorded on a leaderboard. The winner received a prize. This was for a temporary space and took us only a few weeks to put together with the system.



Use Case: Exercise Gamification

This Wushu Training Simulator lets you or a friend record your motions. You or a friend can then try to match those motions while analytics check how closely you've matched that motion. This is an example use case for gamifying different exercise routines.

Other Services: We create custom vr props and devices

We can create custom tracked props to be seen and used in the VR experience. Pictured to the left is a custom built gun prototype we developed for an escape room style experience. This has fully ardiuno inside for controlling recoil via a solinoid on trigger presses. Signal is sent via the arduino to the vive tracker pogo pins to register trigger presses and gun firing mode (red button on the side of the gun). The golf club was built for our VR golf experience seen in the video above, and allowed the users to feel the presence of the golf club with their swings.