Many companies are implimenting Virtual/Augmented or Mixed reality (XR) solutions in their businesses to give them an edge over their competition. At Magic Mao we believe that like the internet did, wearable tech and XR are going completely change the way business is done in nearly every industry. Don't miss the coming revolution in increasingly interconnected world.

Our telepresence solution is internet capable multi-user and highly adaptable. Connect effortlessly with your clients or business partners via headsets. Demonstrate your new products via virtual show rooms. Collaborate with clients or business partners on your new engineering project. Train customers via your fitness program from your own personal VR dojo.

There are many use cases for being able to walk around one another and interact directly with one another in virtual spaces on virtual objects or designs. With our platform we can quickly tailor a branded application to your companies specific needs.

Get in touch if you would like to hear our ideas on how you might be able to use this new technology to boost your business.